Frequently Asked Questions

Volunteer Management System

How do I sign up for a volunteer account?
If you do not have a volunteer account yet, you may create one by clicking on the Sign Up to Volunteer button located in the sidebar. 

How do I know who to contact?
To find the contact information for the correct person in your market area, click on the Help tab located at the top of the page. You must create a volunteer account first in order to access the market area contacts.

If you have questions before creating an account, please contact our Corporate Office at (213) 891-2900.

I have a volunteer account. Why can't I sign up to volunteer for any of the available opportunities?
Before you are able to sign up for any of the volunteer opportunities, you must complete four steps:

  1. Attend a Volunteer Orientation webinar
  2. Complete the Volunteer Conduct Policy
  3. Complete the Verified Volunteers Process
  4. Attend a Program-Level Volunteer Training

Once you have completed all four steps, you will be able to successfully sign up to volunteer. If you have completed all of these steps and cannot sign up to volunteer, please contact a HOPE Corps staff whose information can be found in the Help tab located at the top of the page.

I signed up to volunteer for an opportunity, but I do not show up as the assigned volunteer. What do I do?
Signing up to volunteer for an opportunity is the first step in the process to volunteering for an opportunity! After you have signed up, a staff member must assign you to become the assigned volunteer after which you will receive an email confirming your assignment

Where can I find the curriculum for the session I am teaching?
All curricula can be found in the Classroom Materials tab located at the top of the screen. Also located in that tab are the training materials used during your volunteer training class and materials you can potentially use during your session.

I am a new volunteer and do not feel completely comfortable teaching on my own. Can I volunteer with someone else?
Yes, there is a way for you to shadow another volunteer. Simply sign up as a volunteer and notify the appropriate person in your market area that you would like to shadow for the opportunity rather than be the main volunteer. Please note that you are only able to sign up to be a shadow volunteer if someone has already been selected as the assigned volunteer.

What should I do if I can no longer volunteer for an opportunity I was already assigned to?
We understand that situations arise that may change your ability to volunteer for a given opportunity. We request that you give as much notice as possible to allow our staff to assign and notify a new volunteer to prevent having to cancel the event. 

To remove yourself from a volunteer opportunity, go to the opportunity and click on the Remove button located at the bottom of the page next to the You have been assigned to teach notification shown in green. 

What should I do if I can't find a volunteer opportunity I am looking for?
If you are looking for a specific volunteer opportunity for which you have signed up to teach or have taught, you can find that information in the My Account tab located at the top of the page. 

If you are looking for a volunteer opportunity of specific criteria, you can filter opportunities in the Find a Class tab located at the top of the page. 

If neither of these options are successful, please contact the appropriate person in your market by clicking on the Help tab located at the top of the page. 

Volunteering with HOPE Corps at Operation HOPE

Where will I be volunteering?
Operation HOPE has markets in a number of cities and is looking to expand its presence to new markets! Operation HOPE's markets are in the following cities: Atlanta, Baltimore, Birmingham, Chicago, Cleveland, Columbus (GA), Denver, Detroit, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Macon Bibb, Maywood, Memphis, Miami, Nashville, New Orleans, New York, Northridge, Oakland, Orlando, Pico Rivera, Philadelphia, Portland, South Africa, South Gate, St. Louis, Tampa, and Washington DC. Volunteer opportunities in these cities typically happen in schools, community-based organizations, or HOPE Inside locations.

If you are not located near one of these market areas, there are virtual volunteer opportunities through HOPE Coalition America at Operation HOPE. 

What kind of work will I be doing as a volunteer?
Operation HOPE has three divisions under which you can volunteer: Youth Empowerment, Adult Empowerment, and HOPE Coalition America. 

Volunteers in Youth Empowerment Division will educate and mentor students in elementary, middle, and high school students through teaching lessons on financial literacy at schools and community-based organizations for our Banking On Our Future and HOPE Business in a Box Academies programs. 

Adult Empowerment Volunteers educate and train individuals and tie local community members to Operation HOPE's Homeownership, 700 Credit Score Communities, Small Business Development, and Entrepreneurship Training programs. 

HOPE Coalition America Volunteers help people prepare for and recovery from financial disasters through leading workshops and providing one-on-one counseling. 

Who should I talk to if I have other questions about volunteering with HOPE Corps?
For questions regarding specific volunteer opportunities or that may require specific knowledge about your community, please contact the Program Manager in your market. This information can be found in the Help tab located in the navigation bars found at the top and bottom of the page. 

For all other questions, please contact the Corporate Office.